Tex Gossett

I started shoeing in 2012 at the age of 18. At first i apprenticed with Trevor Gossett. He is my brother as well as the farrier for UC Davis Center for Equine Health. I have also apprenticed with Joe Magistri Who has been a farrier since the 1970's. I have gained large amount of knowledge working on horses that need therapeutic shoeing for cases such as founder, navicular, tendon issues and fractures. I have also worked on many horses for the roping and reigning industries. 

I do a mustang roll on a natural balance trim for horses that will be staying barefoot. This helps to ensure that they do not break off their hoofs as much during the summertime when the ground is hard as well as provide them with the right amount of breakover when stepping. 

I work out of Sacramento and most area around it. For my pricing I do discount for having multiple horses (over 5). Please call in order to find out current prices and ask any questions